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 Barnstable Squash Club

 Crediton Squash Club

 Dartington Squash Club

 Devon & Exeter Squash Club

 Exeter Golf & Country Club

 Fort Stamford Health & Fitness

 Newton Abbot Squash & Tennis Club

 Paignton Squash Club

 Sidmouth Squash Club

 Tavistock Squash Club

 Torquay Squash Club

 Devonshire Health & Rackets Club (Virgin Active)







There have been a lot of changes to Devon SRA in the last few years. The most important change we did was to introduce the online scoring system in 2004.


This mammoth task of designing the structure and the way that it would work was undertaken by Kevin Morris a programmer who plays at Paignton, Royston Sumner who in between his busy schedule ensured that all the many rules were adopted and myself Alan Ford who spend many hours working out the best way for this program to work.


What I wanted was an easy to use system that was very up to date and that enabled other players to get involved in putting the scores on to the system. Over several months of long hours and meetings the new system was designed.


Kevin managed to do a great job at programming and it had only a few minor glitches when it was first used. It has been received very well by the players and it has been a great tool especially for the league secretary to ensure the scoring is up to date and everyone plays according to the rules.



In 2008 at the AGM there were some major changes to the committee. The chairman Bruce Coleman stepped down from his post after his reign of 14 years passing this honour to Paul Shewbrook. Mike Tremellen stepped down as Hon Secretary after 11 years in the post and this major task was passed to David Hughes, I am not sure that David knew how much Mike actually did! The third change was Margaret Harvey stepping down after 25 years as Ladies League Secretary passing this on to Alison Samuels.


Keith White (President) made several presentations and speeches to thank the three concerned for their massive efforts in their roles on the committee and all the extra work that they have put in over the years.



In 2009 two more major changes were made. Over the last year or so most of the major tournaments and now some of the county ones have used the new par to 11 scoring system for squash. For those who are unsure it is American scoring to 11, if the game gets to 10 all then the game automatically has to be won by 2 clear points. Devon SRA has decided that is was necessary to keep up to date and would adopt this for their own county leagues. For the moment the Premier and 1st Division would adopt par to 11 and the rest of the leagues would adopt par to 15.


The second major change was to change the name of Devon SRA from Devon Squash & Rackets Association to Devon Squash & Racketball, the website address will remain but the title has been changed.


England squash & Racketball have been promoting this sport and several clubs now have a lot of players and there have been several tournaments. The next step would be if there were enough players and teams could we create a new Racketball league to run alongside the existing squash leagues. I have tested the system and I have managed to add this league to the bottom of the squash leagues. If clubs wish to start a new Racketball league please post your request and comments to the Devon Squashtalk page under the post (Chat).



I hope you like the new site; don’t forget to use the new pages (Devon Squashtalk, Latest News and Picture Gallery) to post items about competitions, club or county, general chat, gossip or latest news.


Alan Ford



This version last updated 12/09/2014


The Devon SRA Handbook contains information & results from the past season and for the coming season.










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England Squash have introduced a FIND IT! service, this really good search will locate for you a Coach, Club, Court, Contact or Courses.

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 Active Devon

 Squash Player


 World Squash





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